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For small businesses that cater to a local consumer base, it can be all too easy to dismiss digital marketing as something only needed by big corporations.

However, this type of thinking can actually be harming your enterprise in 2015, when increasing numbers of small businesses are allocating more of their marketing budgets toward online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). And more and more, agencies are turning to SEO reseller organizations for their fulfillment.

Recent reseller market research from over 100 SEO reseller companies, see reviews at this website, conducted late last year, revealed that small businesses spent an amazing 62% of their marketing budgets on digital services like website development and SEO. Demand for these services is expected to grow even more as 2015 progresses and more small businesses see the advantages of shifting their marketing online. This also explains the growth in both white label SEO reselling and over all SEO outsourcing.

So if your small business hasn’t yet developed a digital marketing or SEO strategy, here are four important reasons why it should:

Marketing to a digital audience is cost-effective

Compared with traditional advertising routes like print, radio and television, marketing online is highly cost-efficient. For a small fraction of the cost of buying a TV ad, your small business can make many more impressions per dollar. That’s because unlike a TV or radio ad, which are temporary, online marketing content, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing and other SEO techniques are all built to help businesses achieve positive long-term results. Email marketing alone boasts a $44.25 return on investment (ROI) per dollar spent! Agencies struggling to keep up with both SEO and email marketing are using SEO reseller programs to augment their offerings.

The success of an online marketing campaign can be closely measured

With other forms of advertising, you have no real way to determine whether or not your ad has made an impression on the end consumer. Measuring direct sales impact is next to impossible. With Internet marketing, however, you have access to a wide range of analytics that can show you how effective your current campaign is at generating impressions, and reveal areas in which you can improve and perfect your strategy. Analytics can show you the click-through rate of each landing page, the length of time each user spends on your landing pages, and much more. Any SEO reseller that does not closely track results is not worth hiring.

Online marketing extends your brand’s reach

Small businesses in particular often have trouble reaching consumers outside the boundaries of their geographic area. The Internet breaks down these barriers, allowing you to market your brand to consumers around the world at all times of the day, significantly broadening your target market. SEO has evolved to include branding strategies - a big departure from SEO from 2012. A modern SEO reseller plan will include work on the small business brand through PR.

Search engines are increasingly catering to small businesses

Still not convinced that your small business should extend its marketing campaign onto the web? Consider the fact that 95% of Americans who own a smartphone have used its search engine function to research local businesses. Furthermore, 77% of these smartphone users will contact a business after performing a local search, and 59% will even visit the business on the same day as their search.

To help small businesses increase their visibility in these local searches, Google has introduced a local-listings service, Google My Business. SEO resellers are studying this trend and altering their local SEO offerings to capitalize. These SEO services let businesses provide accurate, up-to-date location and contact information that is then provided to consumers who search for local products and services through Google’s search, Maps or Google+ services. Other services -- such as Yext -- allows businesses to provide the most accurate information about themselves across multiple websites.

Today’s SEO climate is incredibly receptive to small businesses; it’s up to you to take advantage of all the benefits a digital marketing strategy has to offer. Agencies who are having trouble keeping up with evolving search engine optimiziation strategies should partner with a white label SEO reseller who can provide products and services aimed at delivering high quality results for small business.