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In a March 2nd article for Business 2 Community, Adam Weinroth makes an interesting argument: Netflix is more than just a movie and TV show provider -- it’s actually a great example of content marketing in the digital world.


It sounds a little bit ridiculous at first -- that the process of creating and distributing SEO is similar to how thousands of people binge-watched an entire season of House of Cards on February 27th. It might sound even more ridiculous that Netflix’s business model is also very similar to how SEO reseller programs work. But take a look at the three lessons listed below, inspired by Weinroth’s lessons that content marketers should take away from Netflix, and your perspective on reselling SEO might just change.



Lesson One: Work Directly With Clients


When a customer first signs up for a Netflix account, he/she is automatically taken to a survey asking about TV and movie genre preferences. The customer answers "Yes" or "No" -- there’s no worrying that Netflix might be offended when a suggestion is shot down -- and eventually the system's algorithm starts displaying better viewing suggestions.


As An SEO reseller… you provide a similar service by working with an SEO white label program. You have the ability to talk with your clients and get to know what they want before you start offering SEO programs. Because you can meet with each of your clients on a regular basis and discuss concerns directly, you can provide exemplary customer service skills without sacrificing the high quality content created at a private label SEO company.


Lesson Two: Work Closely With the Product You Sell -- So Closely That You Sell It Better Than Any Competitor.


Amazon. iTunes. Hulu. HBO, DirecTV, and DISH Network. These entertainment providers all allow customers to stream videos, for a price,  instantly. But Netflix is still one of the leading providers of online streaming. Unlike other traditional TV channel providers, Netflix has simplified the process of what it provides and doesn't mess around with different channel packages or extra payments.


As An SEO Reseller… You learn the details of what your SEO company offers, how it provides data and content through a white label dashboard system, and how your clients will access that information through a simple platform that has your company’s name on it. SEO resellers simplify the process of SEO programs without sacrificing attention to detail.


 Lesson Three: Don't Just Sell Original Content -- Help Create It



Over 27 million individual pieces of content are shared on the internet each day, and Netflix didn’t just want to stand out by distributing content created by other businesses.


Once Netflix built up a strong consumer base and gained a solid reputation for providing quality content, it was able to start producing its own shows and documentary features that stand out from the crowd.



As an SEO Reseller… You don't have to be a writer or graphic designer, or know how to code an entire website in your sleep. But because you have the ability to work closely with your clients and with the private SEO company, you play a large role in making sure that high quality content is created for each individual client when you resell SEO programs. Approximately 92% of all marketers agree that original content is essential for a great SEO strategy, and SEO resellers play an important role in customizing that content.

Here's another way to think about being an SEO reseller: just like Netflix has become more than a simple DVD rental service, SEO resellers have to be so much more than third-party salespeople. So what additional benefits can you bring to the table when you resell SEO?